Some of CTCs  either show diploid FISH signal or have no detectable tumor biomarker. Comparing to tumor biomarker staining or FISH alone, iFISH integrating both immunostaining and FISH shows unique advantage in terms of identifying CTC with high sensitivity and specificity.

Calnuc, one of the interesting  proteins  for translational medicine study, plays an important role in sequestering calcium in the Golgi, binding to Gαi3 subunit, regulation of ACTH secretion, binding to and affecting biogenesis of Alzheimer's β-APP, as well as diagnosis of colon cancer, etc. 

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iFISH - Melanoma CTC PDX
IF - Pancreatic Circulating Tumor Stem Cell
iFISH - Lung Cancer CTC
iFISH – Pancreatic Cancer Cells
iFISH – HCC Cancer Cells
iFISH – Breast Cancer Cells
iFISH-Cancer Cells in Malignant Pleural Effusion
Nuclear Translocation
Sequestering of Ca2+ in the Golgi
Binding to Gαi3 on the Golgi
Mapping of Gαi3 binding site
Redistribution of Gαi3
Dynamic distribution of Calnuc
Regulation of Alzheimer's beta-APP
Colon cancer dection
, the real solutions for circulating rare cells......
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