Cytelligen develops world-class technologies and products for translational medicine utilizing human peripheral blood. Our products have been properly tested for the highest level of quality prior to reaching our customers. The studies performed with Cytelligen's products on the enriched circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or circulating tumor-derived endothelial cells (CTECs) provide insightful and meaningful data to scientists and clinicians for cancer research.

In the past decade, we have constantly innovated and improved our circulating rare cell technologies, making it simpler and easier to perform in a conventional laboratory setting. In addition to collaborations and antibody licensing, Cytelligen owns the intellectual property for the cutting-edge technology, i•FISH, which was developed by our internal R&D team. The unique technology enables scientists to perform in situ phenotyping of multiple tumor marker expression as well as karyotyping of aneuploid chromosome in CTCs and CTECs. The streamlined process dramatically shortens the experimental time, reduces workload and overall cost. Our products have been applied in clinical detection and cancer research on a variety of carcinoma specimens including:

Our mission is to work alongside global physicians and scientists to develop reliable cellular and molecular approaches that ultimately accelerate and improve cancer research and treatment. 

Cytelligen, the real solutions for circulating rare cells……

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