Cytelligen has constantly improved its technologies and products. There are hundreds of circulating rare cell related products available, including CTCs and CTECs. The products have been clinically validated on over thousands of clinical specimens from patients and mice. In addition to peripheral blood, products are also suitable for bone marrow, malignant pleural effusion, ascites, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, punctured lymph node, cervical smear, etc. 


Rapid, higher sensitivity and specificity


Detecting various circulating rare cells including CTCs and CTECs in any volume of patient and mouse blood or humoral specimens


Non-hemolytic removal of RBCs prevents CTCs from hypotonic damage


No antibody binding or perturbing of intact cells during enrichment; suitable for cell culture and a series of further analyses


Immuno-magnetic beads with special coating have extremely low non-specific binding to non-hematologic circulating rare cells


Technology has been validated on over thousands of patient and mouse samples


Developing assays according to customers’ request


Cytelligen, the real solutions for circulating rare cells……

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