i•FISH® Products for Human Specimens


Cytelligen's patented technology integrates FISH and immunofluorescence staining with any tumor markers of customers' choice to identify the targeted, non-hematologic aneuploid circulating rare cells including CTCs and CTECs. 

iFISH is performed on cells fixed on the Cytelligen’s specially coated CTC slide which prevents any peeling and minimizes background interference. The finished slides are capable for long term storage. Target cells identified by iFISH are suitable for quantification and single cell analysis. The most distinct advantage of Cytelligen's iFISH is its exceedingly high sensitivity and exceptionally unique specificity compared to immunofluorescence staining alone. Identified CTCs or CTECs cells are classified into diverse subtypes upon cell size, tumor marker protein expression and aneuploidy of chromosomes. Individual iFISH cells fixed on the coated slide can be respectively extracted utilizing a Cytelligen’s non-laser microscopic single cell manipulator (NMSCM) for downstream NGS analysis, etc.   


Catalog No.Tests / Kit

iFISH CTC and CTEC Identification Kit 

(suitable for human samples)

            (A) CEP8 - CD45 - EC marker - DAPI (4-color)

            (B) Single Tumor Marker - CEP8 - CD45 - EC marker - DAPI (5-color)

            (C) Dual Tumor Markers - CEP8 - CD45 - EC marker - DAPI (6-color)

FSH - 00220

EC: endothelial cell.

Part of available antibodies against tumor markers including EpCAM, Vimentin, HER2, PD-L1, CK18, PSMA, AFP, CA19-9, GPC3, Mesothelin, DR4, EGFR, CD44v6, CD133, etc. Customization of antibody against any tumor marker is feasible. 

Besides CEP8, ALK-iFISH (Lin 2018, Diagnostics 8, 26), or customized integration of different FISH probes into the iFISH platform is also available.

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